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We are providing variaties type of tool and machinery to be used in electronic assembly lines. Our products includes Soldering Station, Electric Screw Driver, Wrist Strap, Clean Room Products, Finger Cot, Magnifying Lamps, Thermo Meter, Anti-static Gloves, Digital Micrometer..... 

Vulcan company has been authorised to distribute products from several World Leading Technology companies including Banseok, NamA SMT, Hunter, WARN, ARB...

We try to keep all of our product updated on this website for your conveniences, however there are far too many items to display. Technology is changing fast and new products are released everyday with more advanced features. 

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TAD-250L BARRELS AND ACCESSORIES Hunter 192 Soldering Tester
Our Price: VND7,350,000.00
Our Price: VND2,100,000.00
Hunter 192 Soldering Tester
Our Price: VND2,100,000.00
PLASTIC NEEDLE, METAL NEEDLE, TAPER NEEDLE, PRECISION NOZZLE, TEFLON NEEDLE Hunter 328 Video Microscope Hunter 370 Self Feeder Soldering Station
Hunter 328 Video Microscope
Our Price: VND2,100,000.00

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Hunter 301 ESD Soldering Station (Lead Free)

Our Price: VND2,100,000.00
Hunter 301 ESD Soldering Station (Lead Free)

Hunter 301 ESD Soldering Station (Lead Free)

  • Excellent Heat Recovery from room temperature to
  • 500°C within 5 seconds
  • Fast Heat Recovery speed to compensate temperature
  • lose during lead free soldering process
  • Tips sensors to measure actual temperature
  • Auto Sleeping & Shut Off mode for Power saving
  • Temperature Locked by using Password
  • Easy replacement on iron tips without changing Sensors
  • ESD Safe by design
Specification :
Temperature Range: 50°C ~500°C
Temperature Stability ( No Load ): ± 2°C
Power Consumption: 120W
Time of Temperature Rising: 5 Sec ( 20°C to 350°C )
Tip to Ground Resistance: < 2 Ω
Tip to Ground Potential: < 2mV
Display Mode: Digital

Top Sellers

Hunter 203H ESD Soldering Station (Lead Free)
Our Price: VND2,100,000.00
Hunter 301 ESD Soldering Station (Lead Free)
Our Price: VND2,100,000.00

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Our Price: VND2,100,000.00